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Notice If you are considering raising any kind of chickens next year

Now is the time to start looking for used feeding and watering equipment,heat lamps, chicken coops , etc. Everyday this time of year there are a dozen or more kinds of poultry equipment for sale on Craigslist/Denver and often you can find free equipment in the FREE section. Buying good used equipment now can save you a lot money next year and allow you more money for your chickens.


The Trouble with Chocolate

A decade after Mars and other chocolate makers vowed to stop rampant deforestation, the problem has gotten worse

The Washington Post

Trump Reverses Ban on Pesticides in Wildlife Refuges, Threatening Endangered Birds and Bees

The United States’ 566 national wildlife refuges are the world’s largest collection of lands set aside specifically for the preservation of imperiled fish and wildlife.

The Independent Media Institute

Farm-to-Table Movement Goes to School

There's a healthy new twist in the farm-to-table movement: Getting farm-fresh food to school lunchrooms and even having students grow their own crops as part of learning.

U.S. News

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