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10 Uses For Fireplace Ash: What To Do With Ashes From Fire

What are the best uses for wood stove or fireplace ashes? Fire and Saw

45 Practical Uses For Wood Ash Around The Home & Garden

When your primary heating source is wood, you find yourself cleaning out the wood stove quite a bit during those colder months of the year. Rural Sprout

10 Best Pumpkin Patches in Colorado!

With the leaves changing and temperatures dropping in Colorado, fall can really be a beautiful time in the colorful state. Embrace the wonderful weather and celebrate a new season's arrival by heading to a pumpkin patch in Colorado. Best Things Co

Planttalk Colorado

Fall Gardening New York Times _ Paywall!

How to Make a Neighborhood Farm for an Entire Metropolis

A program being started in Atlanta helps midsize farmers buy their own land while providing much-needed fresh food to urban consumers. Plant Tlk

10 Reasons Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Planting Your Garden

Move over spring! Autumn is the best season for getting new perennials, trees, and more in the ground. Better Homes and Gardens

Fall Lawn Care Secrets You Should Know for Growing the Healthiest Grass

Take advantage of cool fall weather to fertilize, control weeds, and improve the health and appearance of your yard. A little work now will pave the way for a lush, green carpet when temperatures warm up again in spring. Better Homes and Gardens

10 Skin-Soothing Superfoods

Great skin is an inside job. All the moisturizers and serums in the world won’t compensate for a poor diet. Mother Earth Newx

Electric Lawn Mowers Cut Your Grass, Without Gas

Future weekend warriors who have plenty of grass to mow might trade petroleum-burning engines, hydraulic systems, belts and pulleys for sleek, silent, battery-powered machines that look more like lunar rovers, if makers like Husqvarna have anything to do with it.Grit

CSU test garden tells top annual plants for Colorado

Colorado State University recently announced the top picks in its Annual Flower Trial Garden.Loveland Reporter-Herald

5 Essential Cost Savers to Boost Home Self-Reliance

The road to a more self-reliant lifestyle is a journey and if you are like me, you feel that although you may never reach 100% self-sufficiency, you will strive to become more so each day, month and year. Grit

8 Vegetables That Are Surprisingly Easy to Grow in Containers

If you've been caught by the gardening bug but lack available yard space — or access to a community garden plot — you aren't out of the game yet! Country Living

Tips for gardening in the West Texas summer heat

Well the summer heat sure came in strong! Summer is the toughest season on most plants, but there are some that thrive in the bright sun and high temperatures. Go Sanangelo.

10 vegetables that thrive in pots — no garden required

Plant, prune, and pick your way to a yard-to-table summerSalon

Worm Castings 101: Your Guide to Soil’s Favorite Food

This article will do a deep dive on worm castings, nature's most potent fertilizer.Urban Worm Company



How to Make a Pallet Garden

With spring amongst us, I, like most of you, am excited to tackle a few new gardening projects. Mother Earth News

Growing Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Currants and Other Berries That Thrive Where You Live

Easy to grow, quick to bear and naturally resistant to disease, supernutritious berries are the best fruits to grow organically. Grit

Guide to Growing Strawberries: Varieties and Propagation, Planting, Caring, Harvesting and Preserving

Strawberries are very easy to grow in almost all climates and soils, and probably are an ideal plant for gardeners and small farmers across the United States.Grit

Spring Garden Preparation

Good things are happening on the homestead as we start our spring garden.Grit

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden – 5.504
  • While They Require More Patience And Nurturing Than Most Herbs, You Can Grow Many Common Spices At Home Quick Facts…
    Many kinds of butterflies can be found in Colorado. Encourage butterflies by planning a butterfly garden.
    Butterflies seek out areas with food plants for the caterpillar stage. Adult butterflies also feed on fluids such as nectar from flowers.
    Butterfly visits increase when environmental needs are met.
    Gardening practices to attract and retain butterflies often differ from regular gardening practices.
    Wisconsin Public Radio
How To Grow 5 Popular Spices At Home

While They Require More Patience And Nurturing Than Most Herbs, You Can Grow Many Common Spices At Home These classes are FREE for the public; registration is required. Wisconsin Public Radio

CSU Extension Gardening Webinars

Below are the online classes available from CSU Extension. These classes are FREE for the public; registration is required. Nevada Appeal

Grow Your Own, Nevada! virtual classes discuss healthy gardening at home

Gardening is a great activity that can be done at home, and University of Nevada, Reno Extension is offering online courses to teach gardening basics. Current

Column: How to get kids interested in gardening

Beautiful spring weather has finally arrived in the Hoosier state. Current

Tales of gardening and heirloom seed library

At one time my parents lived in a house with a large front and backyard that was surrounded by luscious plants, and vibrant flowers, and meticulous landscaping. Herald Media

When it comes to gardening, only thyme will tell

My greatest strength as a gardener is my willingness to uproot plants once they start to annoy me. The Independant

Looking to get your hands dirty this spring? Welcome to Veggie Gardening 101

During times of war, when food was scarce, people used to plant victory gardens. During recessions, when money was scarce, people once again took to growing their own food. Herald Media

GrowGeneration expanding on home turf

GrowGeneration, Colorado’s very own “Home Depot of Grow” and the nation’s largest hydroponics retail chain, has expanded in Pueblo County after the chain acquired Grow Warehouse on Tuesday. The Chieftian

Year-round gardening: Here's your to-do list for March in Colorado

There’s always plenty to do in the garden during March. This year, because of a dramatic temperature drop last fall, the to-do list will be even longer. Nola

No-Dig Gardening Tips For Small Farms and Gardens

Here are some of the important things to keep in mind when thinking about starting a no-dig/no-till approach. Nola

Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants conference goes virtual

Gardening with native plants is not a new concept. Nola

Guy Builds Veggie Garden For Family Of Groundhogs | The Dodo
Proctor's Garden: Feeding backyard birds

Now is the time that birds rely on the feeders in our backyards to get through the coldest parts of winter. Nola

5 hands-clean gardening kits add something fresh to your plate — without using soil

Clever ways to add something fresh to your space and your plate — no soil required Nola

GARDENING: Plant, grow and harvest carrots at home

Carrots can be planted mid-January here in West Texas, they will be ready for harvest between 62 to 75 days. OA Online

CSU gets gardener growing in Southwest Colorado

Gardening in Southwest Colorado is always tricky, especially if you are trying to be successful at high elevation. This year made it even more challenging. Durango Herald

8 Cold Frame Plans for Year-Round Gardening

Expand your growing season and upcycle local materials by building one (or a few!) of these inexpensive DIY cold frames. Mother Earth News

How to Create Your Own Herbal Tea Garden

For these uncertain times, a step-by-step guide to growing brew-friendly plants at home, and using them to make infusions that soothe and restore. New York Times

Without a ‘Right to Garden’ Law, It May Be Illegal to Grow Your Own Food

How one Illinois family's backyard hoop house put them at odds with city officials. Mother Earth News

10 Fascinating Edible-Plant Facts Gardeners Need to Learn

From a definition of open-pollinated crops and details about grafting tomatoes to knowing which edible garden plants are warm- or cool-weather crops, these facts about plants double as gardening tips to help you grow even more, even better. Mother Earth News

Putting your Colorado garden to bed for the winter

Everything you need to know to keep your garden cozy all winter The Denver Post

From salvia to ornamental grasses, here are some of the easiest perennials for Colorado gardeners

It’s time to think about next year’s garden

The Denver Post

Local farms, small gardens see boost in interest, funding to tackle hunger

Bueno Para Todos, a small farm in Villanueva, began 2020 with a hoop house and four planted areas enclosed in wooden frames raised above the ground.

New Mexico - In Depth

Year-round gardening: A September to-do list for Colorado gardeners

September is a time of transition. Days are noticeably shorter, nights are cooler and the weather is usually stable. It’s a good time to plant or transplant.

The Gazette

Colorado gardening pro tip: Plant trees in fall for a bit of shade next summer

With careful selection, site preparation and winter monitoring, your new garden addition will thrive.

Denver Post

Gardening myths that are either true, false or a little bit of both

Do eggshells prevent blossom rot? Do soap sprays kill pests? Does talking to my plants actually help them grow?

Denver Post

Pick-your-own small farm operation gains popularity as pandemic wears on

For the past few weeks, people from all over the Albuquerque metropolitan region have been flocking to Heidi’s Raspberry Farm in Corrales early on Saturday mornings to pick pints of tart, delicate raspberries.

Daily Lobo

Year-Round Gardening: Add some native fall color to your garden!

As summer wanes, your garden does not have to follow suit.

The gazette

Victory gardens – then and now

How many of you remember the news media images from March and April of this year depicting empty shelves in grocery stores?

Deleware Gazette

Planting a Fall Garden the Easy Way

Fall doesn’t have to be a time in your garden when your bountiful summer crops simply start to slow down.

Mother Earth News

You Can Grow It: Harvesting garlic in your garden

Jim Duthie shows us his first attempt at growing garlic in his garden, and says it was so easy.

Real Homes

4 GENIUS gardening tips Monty Don dropped on Insta that you’ll want to copy

A gorgeous garden can be yours with these brilliant ideas the gardening expert Monty Don shared. Be inspired

Real Homes

Master Gardener: Separating fact from fiction about Epsom salts use in the garden

I keep seeing posts online that recommend adding Epsom salts to the soil when planting tomato plants. Is this something I should be doing?

Tulsa World

Did You Plant Your Garden All Wrong? Try Succession Planting Instead

Want your new vegetable garden to survive—and even thrive?


Fruit trees planted in Arvada Community Garden

Fruit will be given to gardeners, community organizations

Arvada Press

The best edible plants you can actually grow indoors: Which ones are worth it?

Americans have started gardening again, in large part because of the pandemic and recent economic downturn.


3 Steps to Attracting Dragonflies to Your Yard

If you have a mosquito problem in your yard, dragonflies may be the solution! They don’t require much to thrive in your garden, and they'll eat hundreds of mosquitos a day.

Better Homes and Grdens

Over the Garden Gate: Not too late to start container gardening

Not only is it easy to grow vegetables and herbs in containers, but you can control all aspects of this type of gardening, starting with where you place containers for proper light, soil and water.

Elwood City Ledger

MASTER GARDENERS: Plants need friends too: Consider companion gardening

Companion gardening is very similar to the way individuals react with each other.

Orange County Register

How to enjoy Father’s Day in a hummingbird-friendly garden

Plus, more tips for the garden this week.

Orange County Register

‘Grow & Give’: CSU Encourages Residents To Plant Vegetables, Share Surplus With Food Banks

Colorado State University is urging residents to spend some of their time at home in the garden.

CBS Local

Garden businesses bloom during pandemic

The isolation and spare time created by the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked new interest in gardening for many in Colorado Springs, flooding local garden centers and nurseries with new customers.

Colorado Springs Business Journal

Jacobson: Gardening in the new normal has benefits

Good news! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are gardening this spring. Gardening offers us a chance to be “all in this together” in positive, productive ways.

North Platte Telegraph

Ask a Master Gardener: Raised beds vs. in ground gardening

Question: I want to increase my garden food production this spring. Gardening in raised beds is becoming more common.

CJ Online

Small urban farms produce several benefits

Although neither Maggie nor Adam Pounds have an agricultural background, they both enjoy people and sharing their gifts with others.

CJ Online

My 2020 Garden Mantras: Better Late Than Never And A Little Bit Is Better Than Nothing

My goodness, it's been entirely too long since I've haunted these halls of the fabulous GRIT reader blogs. But I'm back and endeavor to be a regular around here.


Heirloom Plant Starts - $2 (Lakewood)

Plant sale will be happening again this Saturday.


9 Common Homesteading Supplies and Hacks

There's Nothing Like Homemade Farm Equipment to Get the Job Done


Here are some tips for when children help in the garden

The garden is a wondrous outdoor classroom that always has fresh curriculum, says Nebraska Extension horticulturist Dana Freeman.

Omaha World-Herald

If you’re trying to decide what food to grow yourself, here are 8 places to start

I don’t love gardening. I know some people find it therapeutic, or at least relaxing.

Washington Post

How to Plant a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Help the National Pollinator Garden Network reach its goal of 1 million bee-friendly gardens—and get a pretty plot that blooms all summer long.

5280 Magazine

Creating Pollinator Habitat

Quick Facts…


Butterfly Gardens

To create a butterfly garden, you must provide a suitable habitat for an entire growing season.


6 Sensational Gardening Hacks

Here are six ingenious ideas to help you achieve more in the garden with less time, less effort or less money:

Mother Earth News

Idaho apple farmers face consumer preferences, climate change, new varieties

“If we plant a tree, we are four to five years in before we have a new crop.”


New report details how the Trump EPA is promoting the ‘worst of the worst pesticides’

A new review into the pesticide products the U.S. approved in 2017 and 2018 reveals the Environmental Protection Agency is carrying out an industry-friendly, “broken” regulatory process that included green-lighting over 100 products with ingredients widely deemed extremely dangerous.


Select a Quality Potting Mix for Gardening Success

Improve your indoor and outdoor container gardening success with a quality potting mix.

Mother Earth News

6 Sensational Gardening Hacks

Here are six ingenious ideas to help you achieve more in the garden with less time, less effort or less money:

Mother Earth News

20 Unbreakable Rules for Becoming a Real Gardener

Sometimes we think of ourselves as gardeners, good ones; other times, we are too doubtful about our knowledge and skill to even publicly disclose our hobby.

Cappers Farmer

Garden in a Box

How many times have you wandered the endless toy aisles at Christmas and was overwhelmed by all the selections that you just knew your kids or grandkids would play with once and then toss aside?


Kitchen Garden Provides Veggies All Year

For all of us die-hard gardeners, the world is just not right when something green is not growing. That’s why late fall and the winter months seem so terribly long.


Colorado apple market encourages diverse varieties

As the Colorado apple season comes to a close, the Washington Apple Commission is making headlines with the release of a new variety that is set to appear in grocery stores starting in December.

Ag Journal

What is small-scale farming

Small-scale Farming can be a great choice for you if you always wanted to produce your own food, escape modern life and get back to your basic survival Instincts.

Farm It Yourself

About Small-Scale Farming

Where is the nearest farm to you?


With $100, You Too Can Invest in Regenerative Agriculture

Steward is putting capital into helping sustainable, small farms grow, while cultivating a new kind of farm investor.

Civil Eats

How To Display Houseplants: Clever Ideas For Arranging Houseplants

Not only are more and more people growing houseplants these days, but they are now part of interior décor.

Gardening Know How

Growing Squash Indoors – How To Grow Squash Inside Your House

Can you grow squash plants inside? Yes, you can.

Gardening Know How


After Labor Day, I can feel and see the slowing of photosynthesis as plants wind down their season.

Farmer's Almanac

Thirty gardening chores to tackle in September

The harvest is slowing and the annuals are fading, but we gardeners can’t rest quite yet (when do we ever?).

Read Simple

6 Things You Need to Do Now If You Want a Fabulous Garden This Spring

Garden now, enjoy the green later.As we move into the month of September, we can expect some relief from summer’s heat and humidity. It becomes more enjoyable to be outdoors.

Read Simple

LARRY WILLIAMS: September begins the best gardening season

As we move into the month of September, we can expect some relief from summer’s heat and humidity. It becomes more enjoyable to be outdoors.

Crestview News Bulletin




The Joy of Growing Horseradish (It’s Great With Almost Anything!)

How to Add Horseradish Plants to Your Garden


What's the Best Time of Day to Harvest Your Garden Vegetables?

Regarding fruits and vegetables, there is always a more adequate hour of the day to harvest each of these fresh products.


Garden Heatwave: How to Care for Heat-Stressed Plants

Here are a few tips to help you to help your plants cope with hot garden conditions this summer.

Mother Earth News

The Peaches Are Sweet, but Growing Them Isn’t

An annual picking trip to a California farm has become a window into our daunting climate and work challenges.

New York Times

Using organic gardening techniques to improve your at-home garden

Organic food production comes up a lot when I teach gardening and horticulture classes in the community.

Blkberry,blkrasberry,bosenberry - $3 (Arvada)

Blkberry, blkrasberry, bosenberry you dig. Also lemon plants and date plants.Bring shovel and bag $3 fruit, blackberry, bosenberry

Craigslist Ad

Organic Victoria Canada Red Rhubarb Seeds & Plants - $3 (South Central Denver)

I have seeds and some plants!
$2 for ~50 seeds
$3 for a baby plant

Craigslist Ad

Dustin Mizer garden duster - $35 (Craigslist Ad - Lakewood)

Dustin-Mizer powder duster.

Craigslist Ad

Attracting Butterflies to the Garden – 5.504 CSU

See Planting Dates for Your Location

Colorado State University

Planting Calendar for Denver, CO

See Planting Dates for Your Location

The Old Farmer's Almanac

From chicken to tomatoes, here's why American food is hurting you

The recent news about glyphosate and cancer only highlights a broader problem with our system: our obsession with killing the natural world is poisoning us

North American Butterfly Association

Butterfly Garden and Habitat Program

How to Start a Butterfly Garden

North American Butterfly Association

First Lettuce Crop and a Sandwich, Too

I’m chomping at the bit to play in the dirt when the first warm, dry days of spring come.

Mother Earth News

Pruning for Productivity, Health, and Beauty

Nothing more than a well-timed pinch can help you coax plants into bushiness, lankiness, or anything in between. Learn how to prune like a pro.

Mother Earth News

The Basics of Compost Making

Ah, the sweet smell of spring is creeping in, finally here in Vermont.

Mother Earth News

82 Sustainable Gardening Tips

Go beyond organic with these creative, real-world ideas for more sustainable gardening.

Mother Earth News

Sharing abundance

Permaculture expert Avery Ellis brings holistic approach to Boulder County development

The Boulder Weekly

7 Plants for Your Regenerative Organic Garden

Regenerative organic farmer Acadia Tucker shares lessons in building soil health, sequestering carbon, and plants to try for your home garden.

The Rodale Institute

Greeley will start Garden in a Box sale Monday

Greeley is planning a “Garden in a Box” sale,
to get residents started on their gardens, according to a news release from the city....

The Daily Camera

O'Meara: High Plains Landscape event brings enlightenment to gardening

Fort Collins workshop helps gardeners work with, not against, the climate
Gardening in Colorado is not for wimps.

The Daily Camera

Colorado Springs garden guru kicks off '100 Garden Challenge'

Growing your food is its own reward, but it’s fun to win stuff, too.
Colorado Springs gardening enthusiast Larry Stebbins is launching a contest to get more backyard gardens started in 2019. At least 100 more.

The Gazette

Welcome to The Urban Farm

The Urban Farm is a non-profit organization located in Denver, Colorado.
We provide an important, fun, and educational experience to our visitors.

The Urban Farm

How to Lay a Foundation for a Shed

A Low Cost Construction Technique for Small Foundations

Countryside Network

Design a Potager Garden

Bring beauty, utility, and productivity to your landscape by creating a personalized kitchen garden.


Planning for Spring, Thinking About Sandy Soil

It's called "Kalkaska Sand."

Mother Earth News

How to make tea from the organic herbs in your garden

I'm a coffee drinker but I also like tea, especially herbal tea.

Dallas News

Gardening Indoors to Beat Winter Doldrums

There are hundreds of memes out there on the internet about how ironic life can be sometimes. The one that springs to my mind, I made myself.

Mother Earth News

Growing ‘Piment d'Espelette’ Peppers

On a recent episode of Fine Cooking filmed in the Paris apartment of Patricia Wells, Ms. Wells was whipping up a chimichurri sauce for the steaks.

Mother Earth News

Milkweed, Monarchs and Home Gardeners to the Rescue

On a Wing and a Prayer - Monarch Butterflies and Home Gardeners

Mother Earth News