Denver Local Garden

Resources for the urban farmer and gardening communities of the Front Range of Colorado

Food And Garden - Resources for the City Gardener

Seed And Food Sites

Slow Foods - Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization, founded to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions.

Jeffco Gardner - Science based gardening information

Lewis & Cluck - Critter Goods!

UpBeet Landscaping - Landscape Architects

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - Rare seeds!

The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance - A nonprofit organization working to connect communities in the Mountain West with the local seeds that sustain them.

Growing For Market - News and Ideas for Local Food Producers

Paulino Gardens - Full Service Garden Center & Nursery For Indoor & Outdoor Gardening

Jared's Nursery - Home & Garden Show Place

Sustainable Market Farming - Intensive Vegetable Production on a Few Acres

Grow Local Colorado - a group of volunteers dedicated to promoting local food, local community, and local economy Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or farm shares, Eat local, all year round High Plains Food Cooperative Food Pantries By State Support Colorado Leaders and Move Nonprofits to Sustainability

Local Honey Source - Local honey list

TheGrowHaus- Reinventing Denver's Food System

UrbicultureCommunityFarms- Providing Denver with affordable, local, sustainable produce Garden Center

Denver Urban Gardens- Grow A Garden Grow Your Own Organic Garden with Our Collection of 100% Totally Raw, Un-Treated, Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Open-Pollinated, gmo-FREE Seeds - Seed Exchange

Applewood Seed Company - Celebrating Over 50 Years Of Excellence

Urban Farmer Seeds - Seeds, plants and garden supplies for home gardeners and farmers. The Denver Neighborhood Seed Company Heirloom seeds for only 99 cents The Old Farmer's Almanac, seed starting calandar.

Front Range Organic Gardeners - FROG is a cordial group of veteran and novice Organic Gardeners who enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm

Colorado Dept of Agriculture, food and farm directory

Heirloom Seed Companies

Farm Direct Organic Seed - We are an independent family farm located in southeastern Colorado.

Botanical Interests - Let Us inspire and educate the gardener in you!

2BSeeds - 4000+ Varieties of Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, and Herb Seeds.

Golden Harvest Organics LLC - Our passion for organic farming and improving the environment has shaped our company from the beginning.

Lake Valley Seed - The Seed Source for Independent Retailers.

Meetups and Groups

Gardening Meetups in Denver - Meet people that like the same activities as you!

Backyard Gardening Meetups - Get to know your fellow gardner!

Organic Gardening Meetups in Denver - The focus is on organic gardening!

Urban Gardening Meetups - The focus is on urban gardening!

Colorado Electric Bicycle Club Meetups - The focus is on electric bicycles!

Colorado Springs EV Club - The focus is on electric bicycles!

Colorado Electric Vehicle Coalition - The CEVC’s purpose is to improve statewide coordination, disseminate information about stakeholder activities, and take action to promote EV adoption.

Denver Electric Vehicle Council - The Denver Electric Vehicle Council is a chapter of the Electric Auto Association in the greater Denver, Colorado.

Denver Farm/Food Stands

Welcome to The Urban Farm - The Urban Farm is a non-profit organization located in Denver, Colorado. We provide an important, fun, and educational experience to our visitors. - Search for food stands near you!

SonFlower Ranch - Brighton, CO

Lulu's Farm - Fresh Produce and Premium Meat Brighton, CO

Berry Patch Farms - Pick Your Own! Brighton, CO

Palizzi Farm - We grow and sell tasty garden veggies. Brighton, CO

Palombo Farms Market - Brighton, CO


Food And Garden Publications

Earth Island Journal

Ag Journal

Mile Saver Shopper

Acres USA

Mother Earth News

Countryside Network