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This may be a good time to visit our sites and review past articles we've posted, as well as our other site; Most, if not all the articles, are still a source of good ideas and information that you can use to live better, save more, and enjoy the time spent. Thank you for your interest in our sites.

FALL COLOR FORECAST: Here's what monsoon rain might mean for fall colors in Colorado

Well, well, well... it's that time of the year again... when temperatures dip slightly and every Coloradan starts dreaming about fall. But wait – it's still raining? Here's what that might mean for Colorado's fall colors this year.

Boulder County Farmers Markets: At the Market: Five store staples to swap at the market

You’ve heard the saying: Put your money where your mouth is. Well, we believe in putting our money where our house is — choosing to spend our hard-earned cash to support the farmers, ranchers and business owners in our own backyards.

Food Banks

Arapahoe County Food Assistance Services.

Check out our new Time Sensitive Listings page for local produce and plant materials

Time Sensitive Listings for plants and produce.

Inflation Reduction Act Will Require the IRS to Study Free Tax Filing Options

TurboTax maker Intuit has long blocked efforts to create free online tax filing for all, but this sweeping domestic policy bill provides $15 million to investigate how the IRS could implement such a program.

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Denver Restaurants and Chefs Buzzing Over Urban Bees

"Honeybees and other pollinators are dying in droves because of insecticides like sulfoxaflor, yet the Trump administration removes restriction just to please the chemical industry."

Link: WestWord

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