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Resources for the urban farmer and gardening communities of the Front Range of Colorado

Denver farmers’ markets are back and one favorite is focused on working with smaller farms

A handy list of markets returning Saturdays, Sundays and even Wednesdays.


A 'Word of Thanks' from Next: Support children of fallen heroes

We offer up a “Word of Thanks” every week during Next with Kyle Clark – it's a chance to highlight small and medium non-profits doing crucial work in Colorado.


Every national park you can drive to from Denver (hint: there are 10!)

From Yellowstone to Mesa Verde, wonder and adventure abounds

The Denver Post

Climate change is killing our economy — clean energy and climate action can save it

Earth Day comes four days after Tax Day this year. But climate change is now levying a hidden tax on every American, every day of the year.

The Hill

Colorado school children raised trout. The state had to kill a lot of the “poor buggers” for testing.

But an innovative solution is helping Trout in the Classroom cut down the number of fish involved in the fatal testing process

Colorado Sun

Colorado photographer's wild stallion photo takes home top nature prize

Anyone familiar with the page has likely seen the photos Scott Wilson has captured.

The Denver Channel

Check out our new Time Sensitive Listings page for local produce and plant materials

Time Sensitive Listings for plants and produce.

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Gas Companies Are Abandoning Their Wells, Leaving Them to Leak Methane Forever

GJust one orphaned site in California could have emitted more than 30 tons of methane. There are millions more like it

In the News: Don’t Miss Out on These Grant Opportunities if You are a Small Farmer

If you are running a family farm or a small agriculture business, there are several grants available to help you with some financial relief.

Happy Trails: A slice of farm life along loop trail south of Denver

Glendale Farm Open Space. There’s a legend told in the hilly region south of Denver. It’s a region history recalls as “Happy Canyon,” perhaps for a man said to have roamed here on horseback.

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Boulder Public Library’s Seed Library exists for the free exchange of vegetable, herb, and native plant seeds. We accept donations of homegrown seeds and unopened store-bought seed packets.

Visit the Seed Library on the Lower Level of the Central Aurora Library

The Seed Library is a collection of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds that you can borrow to plant and grow at home. By saving seeds as a community we help create local seed stocks that are better acclimated to our climate and which support a rich, abundant and genetically diverse landscape.

Conservation Conversations: Gardening in the High Country

Gardening in the Colorado mountains presents a unique set of challenges.

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Geothermal heat pumps are among the most earth-friendly home energy sources, experts say

Link: Vox

With outrage over the USPS’s gas-guzzler plans, should it buy these electric cargo bikes instead?
More Colorado community solar gardens moving forward after PUC rejects Xcel effort to postpone

Link: Denver Post

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10 best garlic recipes to make today and every day

There is no such thing as too much garlic, do you hear me?


A Dairy Start-Up Brings European-Style Butter to Colorado

Colorado Springs–based Sawatch Artisan Foods makes ultra-creamy butters and cheeses using small-batch manufacturing processes.


22 Mexican Recipes To Spice Up Your Menu

Where would we be without Mexican food?


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BEES. BEES. BEES - $650 (Broomfield)

Title: 2 complete 10 frame hives.

Link: Craigslist

Denver Restaurants and Chefs Buzzing Over Urban Bees

"Honeybees and other pollinators are dying in droves because of insecticides like sulfoxaflor, yet the Trump administration removes restriction just to please the chemical industry."

Link: WestWord

Sun and Shade for Bees: What is the Right Mix?

Selecting a Beehive Location Can Be a Difficult Decision

Link: Countryside

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Bird flu in Colorado: How you can protect your flocks

For those that allow birds to free roam, there aren't many options available other than covering food, creating a barrier from predator birds and close monitoring.

Link: Lancaster Online

BackYard Chickens

BackyardChickens (BYC) has become the #1 resource for those wanting to own chickens: the egg-laying pet that makes you breakfast!

Link: Craigslist

Moveable Coops Control Chicken Free-Ranging

New Brunswick homesteader Kimberlee Bastien controls where her chickens free range with chicken tunnels and fertilization stations.

Link: Farm Show

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The Irish Pocket Potato Recipe BookThe Irish Pocket Potato Recipe Book

Eveleen Coyle

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & VegetablesRoot Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables

Mike Bubel

The Drunken BotanistThe Drunken Botanist

Amy Stewart

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Sweet horse scoots baby closer to get a better look!
Best Vegetables to Grow in 1 Gallon Container Gardens
How to Grow Ginger in Containers And Get a Huge Harvest